MUEX promotional cold storage wallets. specialises in the design, print and shipping of beautiful novelty business card sized promotional cold storage wallets. Unique in design, Unique in service. is powered by MUE.

Modern Production

We have invested in the latest printing hardware to ensure a beautifully finished, professional top end product.  Offline devices create secure key pairs and are wiped post production runs to ensure private key integrity.

Easy To Use

We have spent time looking at how the end user experience should guide our final product.  So expect simple, easy to use step by step instructions for cards with the benefit of "how to" videos should you need them.

Fairly Priced

At we spend a lot of time finding the best rates for our equipment, consumables & designers.  What we do, is pass on those cost savings to you, making our prices as fair as we can.

Products By

Contact us if you want a minimum of 300 of your own bespoke designed wallets

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